Ádám Baráz was born on December 15, 1987 in Balassagyarmat. His musical talent appeared quite early. Even as a small child, he was enchanted with the world of folk song, which influenced his later compositions. He began his musical education as a pupil of the School of the Arts of Rózsavölgyi Márk in Balassagyarmat. He learned to play the piano at the classes of Ildikó Somogyvári. At the age of 14 he was accepted at the Richter János Musical Secondary School where he studied composition, piano, solfege and music theory. Attila Reményi, composer, Georgina Hennel, piano, and Margit Oláh, piano and chamber music, were the leading teachers. After completing his studies there, he was accepted at the Paris Music Academy, but had to interrupt his studies there, owing to lack of finances.

Currently, he is working free-lance as a composer and musical coach. As such he has participated in several Hungarian regional and national competitions. He has worked with the private singers of the Hungarian State Opera. He participated in the International Opera Competition that took place at the Institut Français in 2012.

His compositions are versatile and wide-ranging. He has completed more than 120 compositions, including works for solo instruments, voice, chamber ensembles, and orchestras, as well as concertos (Concerto for Cimbalom and Strings, Violin Concerto, Piano Concertino, etc.) He has given several musical evenings as composer and pianist in Budapest, Balassagyarmat, Győr, Pápa, and other cities in Hungary. At these evenings he placed a special focus on the masterpieces of composers who are less well known in Hungary. His own compositions have been heard in several European countries, including Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, France, Germany, Czech, Poland, as well as in Mexico, Thailand and even China. In the summer of 2012 he gave highly successful concerts in Japan at the invitation of ballet dancer Asuko Kososhi. He composed the Elegy in remembrance of the victims of Fukushima for this occasion.

Tradition plays a large part in his compositions, that is, his musical ideas are built on melody, harmony, and rhythm. In the last few years he has given several chamber music as well as solo concerts, in which he performed together with young musicians launching their careers. He organised a series of concerts, entitled Mosaics, at the famous Kossuth Club in Budapest.

On several occasions, his thoughts on music shedding light on the creation and/or appreciation of a work from the standpoint of the composer were read on Bartok Bela, Classical Hungarian Radio Since 2009 a composition of his has been published every year in the contemporary music series of Neuma Music Publisher: Toccata for Cimbalom, Small Pieces for Small People, for piano and not just for children. He feels it his mission to offer as many rare, genuinely musical treats to young people and music lovers in general, which nourish both the heart and the intellect.